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Meet our Therapist: Team Members


Owner, Clinical Therapist

Wendyleigh is the owner and director of Solutions Family Therapy & Consulting. She has been in practice as a licensed clinical social worker since 1998 after graduating from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  She completed her Master's degree with a concentration in Mental Health. 

Wendyleigh graduated from The University of Connecticut with a Bachelors Degree in both English and Spanish.  After graduation, she began her Masters in Social Worker at the UCONN School of Social Work before relocating to North Carolina and finishing her Masters at UNC- Chapel Hill.  She is licensed in the state of North Carolina while working on licensure for South Carolina as well.  

Wendyleigh has worked with individuals and their families in the behavioral health field for over 20 years.  Her experience has included working in a psychiatric in patient unit, crisis work in the Emergency Room, family counseling program, local  community mental health programs, as well as a group psychiatric practice.  She has always specialized in working with individuals and families, and most specifically adolescents.   She has extensive trainings with adolescents, ranging from mood disorders, self harm, self worth, eating disorders and trauma.   She worked with substance abusing adolescents and adults in an intensive out patient program and was one of the leading family therapists in program.   

Working with clients is her speciality.  She has a warmth and sense of humor that is hard to match.  She connects with her clients and believes that everyone can find hope and change in their life.  She provides an environment where they can work toward reaching their full potential and believe in the power of change.  In working with adults and families, she has specific experience and interest in working with families who have experienced a change, such as blended, divorce, adoption, etc.  She helps provide a route to help navigate some of the challenges all families face, including behavioral problems, parent/child conflict and parenting concerns.  

Wendyleigh has always specialized in working with adolescent and young adult women.  She has an incredible ability to connect with them and walk with them through the difficulties they face during adolescence and other life transitions.  She has a specific knack for helping young people who are self harming or in difficult or challenging relationships learn how to change their behaviors and make life altering decisions to improve their lives and relationships.  Her eclectic approach provides her clients with a powerful combination of trust and positive relationship that is crucial to the therapeutic process.  

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