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Solutions Family Therapy & Consulting, Inc.

Solutions Family Therapy & Consulting began in 2004, yet had its root many years before.  Ever since I was young, I knew I wanted to get into a career path that would make a difference in people’s lives. Helping others is something that is just inherent in my family.  Teaching, social work, finding the perfect home, these are all a part of who and what members of my family does.  This interest led me to become a therapist just after graduating from University of Connecticut.   As a licensed Therapist in the greater Lake Norman/Charlotte area, I am committed to the well-being of all my patients and assist them on their journey.  

In 2002, my husband and I began our family and we have two beautiful girls.  With raising a family, I wanted to still work as my profession is more about who I am, not simply what I do.  And from there, with much support from friends, family and colleagues, Solutions was born from a concept to a reality.  I opened my first office in a historic building in Cornelius and continue to practice in the Lake Norman area today.  

I truly care for all of my clients, and work diligently to help find them the answers they seek. Since 2000, I have worked with a variety of patients dealing with circumstances that are unique to their lives.

Our Practice: About Me
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